Baglio Pollicarini – Pergusa (Enna)

In the seventeenth century the main building was a small convent of monks who dedicated their lives to a simple and rural way of living.

The water spring of St. Rosalie, located in the lowest part of the property and built by the monks, was used both to water their livestock and their crops. When the monks abandoned the convent, soldiers moved in and transformed it into a military garrison. At the main entrance you can still see the remains of the ’Garritta’ , a military sentry box. Towards the end of the ‘800’s the whole property was passed onto a noble family of Nicosia which used it as a summer and hunting residence. Today it has been restored scrupulously by the new owners and the country house has been preserved in almost every single detail.

There are single, double, triple and quadruple bedrooms that are also accessible to the handicapped. There are also rooms,  the ex- monk cells, that have frescos which date back to the early ‘800’s and the rooms  have all been furnished with simple and sober nineteenth century pieces


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