Farm - Liguria

La Collina di Terme – Rocchetta di Vara (La Spezia)


"La collina di terme" is a farm house close to the Vara valley and the Cinque Terre Park. The location is extremely convenient as it offers countless opportunities for excursions by car, on foot and on bike.

Within a few minutes you can reach Montereggio, well- known as the village of book keepers; Brugnato, a small medieval town; VareseLigure first town certificated ISO 14001 for its environmental quality and famous for its ancient circular structure; The five villages Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore located in the Cinque Terre Park, varied and extensive network of paths; Here everything has remained as in the past and this is the reason why the park isn't suitable for the ones who like exclusively a comfortable holiday, the only true way to enjoy the park at its best is by foot, otherwise by foot and by boat or by foot and by train; Lerici, dominated by a splendid castle and located on the Poets Gulf (Shelley e Byron).

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