Il Poggio Sughera – Montaione (Firenze)

Here, its classical Tuscan architecture overlooks the gently rolling hills which in the summer sun blaze with radiant greens and yellows.

The Ancient and beautiful farmhouse - typically Tuscan in style - has been painstakingly restored to its former splendour using many of the original building methods and tools. Inside, much of the furnishing is true to the traditional Tuscan, 'country' style.
Il Poggio is still a working farm and produces a variety of organic produce, most of which is sold locally. However, now the old farmhouse, and its outbuildings, have been converted into seventeen, self-contained apartments, which house between two and six people each. Each part of the farmhouse is still referred to by the name denoting its original use for example the Pigsty or 'La Porcilaia' and each apartment is named after a plant or tree, indigenous to the region.

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