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Foto Hotel Varramista – Montopoli in Val D’Arno (Pisa)
The Villa, favorite residence of Piaggio Family, Agnelli family and Visconti di Modrone family, contributes to the style that Varramista wants represent in the world, through its wine and hospitality.
The Villa’s beauty is enhanced by a magnificent Italian garden and an extensive park where guests can admire the lake where ducks were once bred for hunting.
Over 400 hectares of land - guests can savour the pleasure of strolling in nature’s midst or even enjoy a mountain bike excursion.
The estate currently numbers 3 holdings (La Frasca, Il Monsonaccio, la Lecceta), which are rented out for short periods, including week-ends, weeks and months with a wide selection
of apartment types. Total accommodation capacity:over 70 beds.